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The Horrible Truth...

Sometimes, even I am given to falling into prose.

Granted, I'm not very good at it, my poetry is more free form then flowing. However, I have thought to add these two pieces, and perhaps more will come when the fancy strikes me. Mostly, I wanted to share these two because they have received the highest emotional reaction of all my poetry. I hope that you can enjoy them and I look forwards to some feedback.

First... This one I wrote after watching an episode of "Law & Order: SVU". You can probably guess how the inspiration came about but I have actually had teachers tell me that they felt like crying after reading this, so at least I got the emotional out look right.

"Big Blue Ball"

Second... Yet another TV Crime Drama inspiration. This one, however, was more the news and "COPS" then anything really scripted. It's my personal tribute to the men and women that literally put their bodies and lives on the line everyday for us even though many of us aren't worth saving, unlike the woman in this poem.

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