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Daughters of Wadjet

Lost to history... A ancient sect, once the protectors of the Pharaohs long before the mysterious Medjai, has found their way into the light once more. Their names, once myths, now whispered again in the wake of chaos left behind after Imothep's first resurrection. Whether they are truly friend or foe is unknown. For even the most dedicated, most closely knit of organizations can be corrupted within and when those that wish to remain hidden threaten the will of the Council, the lives of those that have been privileged to learn of them, are suddenly at risk. Rick O'Connell, along with his wife Evelyn and their close friend, the Medjai Chieftain, Ardeth Bay must join forces with none other then one of the secretive sect. One that might very well be out to kill them instead.

Chapter One..........Revelations

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