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This is the directory listing of all the Tale Based Tales that are currently listed on this site. You will be able to navigate through them using the links at the bottom of the page, or from the Table of Contents, which you will first be directed to.

Please read over the Descriptions and Ratings below to choose your tail... I have even been kind enough to note how far along each one is in (red) after the rating.

So, without further ado, the debut story of Tale Based Tails:

"Charms of Fate"
Rated E
(currently 4 chapters completed)

Based upon the Brothers Grimm fable of "Little Roughcoat" or, better known as, "The Princess in Disguise". The daughter of a local Regent Lord is scheduled to marry her twin brother. With determination, and the guidance of her long dead mother, she sets forth on a journey that will lead her into the lands of demons and spirits. Some will help and others will only seek to harm, and in the end she must fight to protect those dearest to her.

A story of free will and fate, where the simplest actions can cause the largest repercussions.

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