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This is the directory listing of all the Fan Fiction that is currently listed on this site. You will be able to navigate through them using the links at the bottom of the page or from the Table of Contents with longer stories, which you will first be directed to.

Please read over the Descriptons and Ratings below to choose your tale... I have even been kind enough to note how far along each one is in (red) after the rating.

Movies & TV

the Mummy: the Daughters of Wadjet
Rated: E to A (see each chapter for ratings)
(01/09/2011 - Currently 1 Chapter Complete)

When myth becomes reality and a long forgotten Sect returns to claim what is theirs a new adventure begins for those that survived the chaos brought forth by Imothep. Rick, Evelyn and the Medjai, Ardeth Bay must join forces with a reluctantly appointed member to root out those that wish to kill them for what they've learned. Even the closest knit organizations can become corrupt from within but who is friend and who is foe? Is the one that was sent to help them one that wants them dead?

Anime & Maga

Sakura Blossoms and Blind Dates
Rated: E to A
(09/21/08 - Currently 4 of 15 complete)

Based upon characters from Masashi Kishimoto's series Naruto, these mini stories kind of merge together but don't. Originally posted on my Quizilla site, I decided to bring them over here because I actually like how they've come out. Each character can be linked to through the introduction page.

Snippets from Seireitei
Rated: E to A
(09/21/08 - Currently 1 of unknown complete: Taking Requests)

Based upon characters from Tite Kubo's series Bleach. These are basically one shots, if you don't know what that is then no worries, they are just short stories. Something like a 'day in the life' sort of thing. Again, these have most likely been requested or inspired by something that the author has read or talked about. Yes, most of these are "fan girl" requests so you should know what to expect by now.

No Time to be Engaged
Rated: A
(11/26/2010 - Currently 5 Chapters completed)

Based upon characters from Masashi Kishimoto's series Naruto, this was originally being written for a friend of mind at her request using her OC. Unfortunately, like most good things do the ideas tinkered to an end. I hate leaving things unfinished - on hold is only a slightly lesser sin to me - so I asked her if I could finish it using a different name and a few changes to the original OC. With her verbal consent, I have continued on.
The story takes place shortly after Jiraiya and Naruto's return to Kohona and is a mix of canon information and AU, so no torching me for trailing a bit (or a lot) off the original storyline.

Naruto Shorts
Rated: E
(11/28/2010 - 5 Completed)

Based upon characters from Masashi Kishimoto's series Naruto, these were each individual requests for one-shot shorts. The names mentioned in them are the OC's of those who requested them. One does utilize one of my own OC's simply because that was what had been asked for and I like to please my readers.
All of these are AU based.

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