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Short & Sweet

Still part of the 100% Original Tails (or else it wouldn't be on this page...) these Short Stories are snippets and parts of thoughts, or complete stories that don't extend beyond one chapter. Short, sweet and to the point, they may later be used in longer stories or just sit here for your amusement.

Manic Mondays
Rated E
(08/01/08 - 4 of 4 Completed)
These were originally requested when I was part of the Quizilla.com community. Oh, yes... I was one of those geeks, LOL. Entered as end results for one of those "who would you get" quizzes, there have been some changes to make them more story like.
Did you ever have one of those days where nothing seemed to be going right? The car wouldn't start, you found a mysterious stain on your clothes just as you're heading out the door, or the weather had a personal vendetta against you? The four women in this series are finding that even the worst days can end on a good note.

Blind Dates Version 1.0
Rated E
(11/05/10 - 5 of 5 Completed)
We've all had that friend that just has to interfere but sometimes things do work out in the end. This series started out with a few requests on Quizilla.com much like the Manic Monday series. I caved, although I had fun with it, and did a "who would you get" quiz. These results have been edited also to be posted here so that they are more like a story then a quiz result.

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